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Shadin Avionics announced on Feb. 16, 2005 it has received the Installation STC for the ADC 6000 for part 23 Citations 501 and 551 and on March 7, 2005 part 25 Citations 500, 550, S550 and 560. The ADC 6000 is the most economic solution for RVSM certification on the 500 post S/N 275, 501, 550, S550, 551 and 560 Series aircraft equipped with the AZ-241 and AZ-242 Air Data Computer.

The ADC 6000 replaces the AZ-241 and AZ-242 Air Data Computer and interfaces with the existing aircraft equipment and flight director. This modification requires minimal wiring changes and the ADC 6000 has reserved internal space for future product enhancements planned at a later date. Shadin Avionics offers a five-year warranty on the ADC 6000.

The operation STC was acquired through AEROMECH and is part of the ADC-6000 RVSM Install Kit.

With a 5 year warranty and an affordable MSRP (installation, skin mapping, and LOA not included), Shadin Avionics' solution is the most economically priced system on the market.  The cost of the system includes hardware, installation STC, and operational STC from AeroMech.





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